Destroy Room

1 à 4 destroyers
15 minutes

In every administration, there is a bureau that takes care of strange affaires no one wants to know about. That’s the case of the Dooz bureau of cold cases, located 12 rue des magasins, just near the Horlogerie head office.

We’ve heard rumors about a visitor from the future, or rather…from a timeline that should have been erased. He came back to train you to survive the 2023 zombies invasiont thanks to the rage rooms.

After our first challenge with Dooz Escape Game Strasbourg, we decided to open our second offices to offer the strasbourgeois players but also for people from across France a brand new experience : the destroy room (also called rage room). The concept is simple : to unwind by breaking different objects (plates, bottles, furniture…) with the weapon of your choice like crowbars or baseball bats. All this while being well protected with a lot of equipments.

This activity is only available for travelers over the age of 18.

A lot of people wonder how the destroy room works. We tried to explain you through the image below.
We try to give a second life to the objects while also creating jobs. It might be a drop in the bucket but we contribute, at our own level, and try to respect a virtuous circle.

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