This activity is only available for travelers over the age of 18.

The destroy room will allow you to unwind physically and mentally. You had a bad day? You’re fed up with your boss? Someone spoiled you the last episode of your favorite show? Come and grab a hammer to solve all this.

You’ve always dreamt about a household scene just like in the movies, breaking and throwing plates across the room? It’s also possible.

You want to hurt your team mate? There, we have a problem, you can’t. But you’re free to bring a picture of someone you hate and do whatever you want with it, we won’t repeat it! 😉

Choose the number of players

– Context –

“In 2023, a virus spread across the population, transforming almost everyone into “Brainless”, zombies thirsty for blood and fresh meat. Some years later, survivors have adapted to their new life and have progressively rebuilt a civilization-like world.

One of the survivor has turned the clock back to prepare you against the zombies invasion! Enter one of the training zone et learn how to fight against the zombies threat!”

This rage room was made for 1 to 4 players.

Sessions last 10 minutes for solo players, and up to 15 minutes for groups) regarding your endurance and your swiftness to destroy everything in the room. You will have access to different pieces of furniture and glass bottles linked to the number of players.

We advise you to manage your time, your efforts, your heart rate and the elements you’ll be able to break. You will be provided from 10 to 15 minutes. If you destroy everyting too quickly, you won’t be replenished.

Your goal is to destroy everyting : don’t let anyting whole!

To practice this activity safely, you will have an adapted equipment, as well as weapons necessary for the destruction of objects.

You will have to sign a liability release agreement at your arrival.